Bricky Tools - hurtig, ren og præcis bygning af murværk

Med Bricky Tool kan alle bygge en murstensvæg uden forkundskaber.

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Place on the Bricky. Place the closed end of the tool at the beginning of each course - this ensures a perfect square bed of mortar at each end or corner section of the wall.



Fill central channel with mortar and use the trowel to level off.




Now reverse the direction of the tool; slide it along the wall while scraping the mortar into the channel as you progress.
Ensure each brick is directly in line with the previous row.


Because the tool is fitted with two level vials, you have now laid a perfect bed of mortar along the wall.



Place the brick, gently pressing into the bed of mortar until a firm bond is secured.



Place the vertical tool on the end of the brick.



With a dab of mortar on the end of the trowel, plaster in the vertical joint.



Slide the trowel up along the guide to remove any excess.



Gently place the next brick against the guide.



Remove the guide.



Gently press the brick into both the horizontal and vertical bed of mortar to secure a firm bond.
Perfectly spaced joints, pointed to perfection.






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